SIC code 30300

What is industry for the UK SIC code 30300?

The SIC code 30300 in UK is applied to those industries related to the Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery.

Therefore, all companies engaged in any industrial activity related to this type of business are grouped under code 30300 of the UK Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities.

In turn, it should be noted that the industrial activity of Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery belongs to section C of the SIC classification, which encompasses all companies whose main activity is related to Manufacturing.

Activities related to SIC 30300

The UK Standard Industrial Classification 30300 is used for businesses engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Aero engine manufacture (all types) (manufacture)
  • Aero engine parts and sub assemblies (manufacture)
  • Aeroplanes (manufacture)
  • Aerospace equipment (manufacture)
  • Air cushion vehicle (manufacture)
  • Aircraft (manufacture)
  • Aircraft brake (not brake lining) (manufacture)
  • Aircraft galley (manufacture)
  • Aircraft parts and sub assemblies (not electric) (manufacture)
  • Aircraft propeller (manufacture)
  • Aircraft seat (manufacture)
  • Airframe (manufacture)
  • Airframe parts and sub assemblies (not electric) (manufacture)
  • Airscrew (manufacture)
  • Airship (manufacture)
  • Anti-icing equipment and systems for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Auxiliary power unit for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Balloon (not toy) (manufacture)
  • Control surfaces for aircraft (manufacture)
  • De-icing equipment for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Dirigibles (manufacture)
  • Doors for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Ejector seat for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Engines for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Flight simulator (electronic) (manufacture)
  • Fuel tanks for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Fuselage for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Glider (manufacture)
  • Ground effect vehicles (manufacture)
  • Ground equipment for spacecraft (excluding electronic or telemetric equipment) (manufacture)
  • Ground flying trainers (manufacture)
  • Hang glider (manufacture)
  • Helicopter (manufacture)
  • Helicopter rotors for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Hot air balloons (manufacture)
  • Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) (manufacture)
  • Jet engine (manufacture)
  • Kite (not toy) (manufacture)
  • Landing gear for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Launch vehicle for spacecraft (manufacture)
  • Motors and engines of a kind typically found on aircraft (manufacture)
  • Motors for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Nacelles for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Nozzle for gas turbine aero engine (manufacture)
  • Orbital stations (manufacture)
  • Overhaul and conversion of aircraft or aircraft engines (manufacture)
  • Planetary probes (manufacture)
  • Power control for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Propeller for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Propeller rotor blades (manufacture)
  • Rocket (aerospace) (manufacture)
  • Rocket motor (manufacture)
  • Rotor blades for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Safety belt or harness for aircraft crew or passengers (manufacture)
  • Sailplane (manufacture)
  • Satellites (manufacture)
  • Seats for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Space shuttles (manufacture)
  • Spacecraft (manufacture)
  • Turbo-jets and parts for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Turbo-propellers and parts for aircraft (manufacture)
  • Wings for aircraft (manufacture)

SIC 30300

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