SIC code 28220

What is industry for the UK SIC code 28220?

The SIC code 28220 in UK is applied to those industries related to the Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment.

Therefore, all companies engaged in any industrial activity related to this type of business are grouped under code 28220 of the UK Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities.

In turn, it should be noted that the industrial activity of Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment belongs to section C of the SIC classification, which encompasses all companies whose main activity is related to Manufacturing.

Activities related to SIC 28220

The UK Standard Industrial Classification 28220 is used for businesses engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Aerial ropeway and cableway (manufacture)
  • Bucket wheel reclaimer (manufacture)
  • Builders' hoist (manufacture)
  • Cableway (manufacture)
  • Cableway excavator (manufacture)
  • Capstan (manufacture)
  • Chain pulley block (manufacture)
  • Container handling crane (manufacture)
  • Conveying plant (hydraulic and pneumatic) (manufacture)
  • Conveyor and feeder (not for agriculture or mining) (manufacture)
  • Conveyors (manufacture)
  • Crane (manufacture)
  • Derricks (manufacture)
  • Dock leveller (manufacture)
  • Dockside cranes (manufacture)
  • Drag scraper (manufacture)
  • Elevator (manufacture)
  • Escalator (manufacture)
  • Forklift truck (manufacture)
  • Goliath type crane (manufacture)
  • Hand truck made of metal (manufacture)
  • Handling plant (hydraulic and pneumatic) (manufacture)
  • Hand-operated lifting capstans (manufacture)
  • Hand-operated lifting hoists (manufacture)
  • Hand-operated lifting jacks (manufacture)
  • Hand-operated lifting pulley tackle (manufacture)
  • Hand-operated lifting winches (manufacture)
  • Hoists (electric wire or chain) (manufacture)
  • Hoists (hand operated pulley and sheave block) (manufacture)
  • Hoists, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic (not builders, hand operated and electrical) (manufacture)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic conveying plant (manufacture)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic handling plant (manufacture)
  • Industrial special purpose trucks (manufacture)
  • Industrial tractor (manufacture)
  • Jack for motor vehicle (manufacture)
  • Jacks (other than for motor vehicles) (manufacture)
  • Lift (manufacture)
  • Lift for motor vehicle (manufacture)
  • Lifting and handling equipment (manufacture)
  • Lifting and handling equipment parts (manufacture)
  • Live storage rack (manufacture)
  • Lorry loader (manufacture)
  • Mechanical industrial robots for lifting, handling (manufacture)
  • Mechanical lifting manipulators (manufacture)
  • Mechanical manipulators (manufacture)
  • Mobile crane (manufacture)
  • Mobile lifting frames (manufacture)
  • Moving walkways (manufacture)
  • Overhead runway (manufacture)
  • Pallet hoist (manufacture)
  • Pallet truck (manufacture)
  • Palletizer (manufacture)
  • Passenger conveyor (manufacture)
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying plant (manufacture)
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic handling plant (manufacture)
  • Portal and pedestal jib cranes (manufacture)
  • Power-driven cranes (manufacture)
  • Power-driven lifting capstans (manufacture)
  • Power-driven lifting hoists (manufacture)
  • Power-driven lifting jacks (manufacture)
  • Power-driven lifting pulley tackle (manufacture)
  • Power-driven lifting winches (manufacture)
  • Power-driven loading and unloading derricks (manufacture)
  • Power-driven mobile lifting frames (manufacture)
  • Power-driven straddle carriers (manufacture)
  • Pulley block (manufacture)
  • Pulley tackle (manufacture)
  • Robots designed for lifting and handling in industry (manufacture)
  • Rough terrain industrial trucks (manufacture)
  • Scissor lift (manufacture)
  • Side loader (manufacture)
  • Ski lifts (manufacture)
  • Special steelworks crane (manufacture)
  • Stacking machines (manufacture)
  • Stillage truck (manufacture)
  • Straddle carrier (manufacture)
  • Suspension railway (manufacture)
  • Tailboard lift (manufacture)
  • Teleferics (manufacture)
  • Tipper (manufacture)
  • Transporter (manufacture)
  • Travelling crane (manufacture)
  • Wheelbarrows made of metal (manufacture)
  • Wheelbarrows made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Wheelbarrows made of wood (manufacture)
  • Winch (manufacture)
  • Winding device (manufacture)
  • Windlass (manufacture)
  • Works trucks (manufacture)

SIC 28220

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