SIC code 23190

What is industry for the UK SIC code 23190?

The SIC code 23190 in UK is applied to those industries related to the Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware.

Therefore, all companies engaged in any industrial activity related to this type of business are grouped under code 23190 of the UK Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities.

In turn, it should be noted that the industrial activity of Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware belongs to section C of the SIC classification, which encompasses all companies whose main activity is related to Manufacturing.

Activities related to SIC 23190

The UK Standard Industrial Classification 23190 is used for businesses engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Absorption drum sheild made of glass (manufacture)
  • Accumulator cell cases made of glass (manufacture)
  • Ampoules made of glass (hygienic and pharmaceutical) (manufacture)
  • Architectural glass (manufacture)
  • Ballotini (manufacture)
  • Bars made of glass (manufacture)
  • Basement lights made of glass (manufacture)
  • Beads made of glass (manufacture)
  • Blanks for corrective spectacle lens (manufacture)
  • Bricks made of glass (manufacture)
  • Bulbs made of glass (manufacture)
  • Burettes made of glass (manufacture)
  • Catseye reflector (manufacture)
  • Clock and watch glass (manufacture)
  • Container made of glass tubing (hygienic and pharmaceutical) (manufacture)
  • Desiccator made of glass (manufacture)
  • Electrical insulators made of glass (manufacture)
  • Enamel glass in the mass (manufacture)
  • Envelopes made of glass (manufacture)
  • Envelopes made of glass for light bulbs and electronic valves (manufacture)
  • Fancy articles and goods made of glass (manufacture)
  • Figurines made of glass (manufacture)
  • Gauge glass (manufacture)
  • Glass ball (manufacture)
  • Glass ball, bar, rod and tube for processing (manufacture)
  • Glass in the mass (manufacture)
  • Glassware (hygienic and pharmaceutical) (manufacture)
  • Glassware for laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical use (manufacture)
  • Glassware for technical use (manufacture)
  • Glassware used in imitation jewellery (manufacture)
  • Globes made of glass (manufacture)
  • Graduated glassware (manufacture)
  • Hygienic glassware (other than containers) (manufacture)
  • Illuminated glassware (manufacture)
  • Industrial glassware (not container) (manufacture)
  • Insulated fittings made of glass (manufacture)
  • Insulators made of glass (manufacture)
  • Jewellery made of glass (manufacture)
  • Laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware (whether or not graduated or calibrated) (manufacture)
  • Lamp chimneys made of glass (manufacture)
  • Lamps made of glass (manufacture)
  • Leaded light (manufacture)
  • Lens (pressed or moulded, unworked, (not coloured glass for traffic signals)) (manufacture)
  • Lens made of coloured glass for rail and road signals (not optically worked) (manufacture)
  • Marbles made of glass (manufacture)
  • Mosaic cubes made of glass (manufacture)
  • Multicellular glass block (manufacture)
  • Optical elements made of glass (not optically worked) (manufacture)
  • Optical glass (manufacture)
  • Parts for electric lamps and electronic valves made of glass (manufacture)
  • Paving blocks made of glass (manufacture)
  • Pharmaceutical glassware (other than containers) (manufacture)
  • Pipettes made of glass (manufacture)
  • Prisms (pressed or moulded, unworked) (manufacture)
  • Rods made of glass (manufacture)
  • Shades made of glass (manufacture)
  • Signalling glassware (manufacture)
  • Spectacle glass (manufacture)
  • Sunglass blank (manufacture)
  • Test tube (manufacture)
  • Tiles made of glass (manufacture)
  • Tube fittings made of glass for electric lights (manufacture)
  • Tubes made of glass (manufacture)
  • Tubing made of glass (manufacture)
  • Volumetric glassware (manufacture)
  • Waste glass resulting from glass product production (other than glass container) (manufacture)
  • Watch glass (manufacture)
  • Well and bulkhead glass (manufacture)

SIC 23190

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