SIC code 20590

What is industry for the UK SIC code 20590?

The SIC code 20590 in UK is applied to those industries related to the Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c..

Therefore, all companies engaged in any industrial activity related to this type of business are grouped under code 20590 of the UK Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities.

In turn, it should be noted that the industrial activity of Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c. belongs to section C of the SIC classification, which encompasses all companies whose main activity is related to Manufacturing.

Activities related to SIC 20590

The UK Standard Industrial Classification 20590 is used for businesses engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Activated carbon (manufacture)
  • Anti-freeze mixtures (excluding pure ethyl glycol) (manufacture)
  • Anti-knock compounds (manufacture)
  • Anti-rust preparations (manufacture)
  • Brewing preparations (excluding yeast) (manufacture)
  • Catalysts (manufacture)
  • Chemical elements in disk form for use in electronics (manufacture)
  • Chemicals specially prepared for laboratory use (manufacture)
  • Cinematographic sensitized film (manufacture)
  • Clearing agents for photographic use (manufacture)
  • Composite diagnostic or laboratory reagents (manufacture)
  • Compound plasticisers for rubber or plastics (manufacture)
  • De-icing fluid (manufacture)
  • Dental wax (manufacture)
  • Desiccants (chemical) (manufacture)
  • Doped compounds for use in electronics (manufacture)
  • Drawing ink (manufacture)
  • Drilling mud (manufacture)
  • Duplicating ink (manufacture)
  • Finings (manufacture)
  • Fire extinguishing chemicals (manufacture)
  • Fixer for photographic use (manufacture)
  • Flux (manufacture)
  • Foundry bonding clays (manufacture)
  • Foundry core binder (manufacture)
  • Foundry facing (manufacture)
  • Foundry preparation (manufacture)
  • Fuel additive (manufacture)
  • Fusel oil (manufacture)
  • Gelatine (manufacture)
  • Gelatine derivatives (manufacture)
  • Heat treatment salts (manufacture)
  • Hydraulic brake fluid (less than 70% petroleum oil) (manufacture)
  • Hydraulic transmission liquids (manufacture)
  • Indian ink (manufacture)
  • Industrial catalyst (manufacture)
  • Ink for impregnating ink pads (manufacture)
  • Instant print film (manufacture)
  • Intensifier for photographic use (manufacture)
  • Isinglass (manufacture)
  • Lubricating oil additive (manufacture)
  • Marking ink (manufacture)
  • Metal pickling substances (manufacture)
  • Modelling pastes (manufacture)
  • Oil additive (manufacture)
  • Oils and fats (chemically modified) (manufacture)
  • Peptone derivatives (manufacture)
  • Peptones (manufacture)
  • Photographic chemicals (manufacture)
  • Photographic developer (manufacture)
  • Photographic film (sensitized) (manufacture)
  • Photographic film plate (sensitised) (manufacture)
  • Photographic plates (manufacture)
  • Photographic unexposed film (manufacture)
  • Pickling preparations for metal treatment (manufacture)
  • Powders and pastes used in soldering, brazing or welding (manufacture)
  • Prepared additives for cement (manufacture)
  • Prepared culture media for micro-organisms (manufacture)
  • Protein substances (manufacture)
  • Rubber accelerators (manufacture)
  • Rubber processing chemicals (manufacture)
  • Sensitized cloth (manufacture)
  • Sensitized emulsions for photographic use (manufacture)
  • Sensitized paper (manufacture)
  • Stabilisers and extenders for PVC processing (manufacture)
  • Stabilisers for rubber or plastics (manufacture)
  • Surface active chemicals (excluding finished detergents and scouring powder) (manufacture)
  • Textile chemical auxiliaries (manufacture)
  • Textiles and leather finishing materials (manufacture)
  • Toner for photographic use (manufacture)
  • Unexposed materials (manufacture)
  • Vegetable-based bio diesel (manufacture)
  • Vegetable-based biodiesel (manufacture)
  • Water treatment chemicals (manufacture)
  • Wine making preparations (excluding yeast) (manufacture)
  • Writing ink (manufacture)

SIC 20590

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