SIC code 20130

What is industry for the UK SIC code 20130?

The SIC code 20130 in UK is applied to those industries related to the Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals.

Therefore, all companies engaged in any industrial activity related to this type of business are grouped under code 20130 of the UK Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities.

In turn, it should be noted that the industrial activity of Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals belongs to section C of the SIC classification, which encompasses all companies whose main activity is related to Manufacturing.

Activities related to SIC 20130

The UK Standard Industrial Classification 20130 is used for businesses engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Acid (inorganic) (manufacture)
  • Alkali (manufacture)
  • Alums (manufacture)
  • Bromine and bromides (manufacture)
  • Calcium and calcium compounds (manufacture)
  • Calcium carbide (manufacture)
  • Carbon (manufacture)
  • Carbon black (manufacture)
  • Carbon disulphide (manufacture)
  • Chemical elements (inorganic) (except metals) (manufacture)
  • Chlorine and chloride (manufacture)
  • Chromium compounds (excluding prepared pigments) (manufacture)
  • Distilled water (manufacture)
  • Enriched thorium (manufacture)
  • Enriched uranium production (manufacture)
  • Flocculating agents (chemical) (manufacture)
  • Fluorine, hydrofluoric acid and fluorides (manufacture)
  • Fuel elements for nuclear reactors production (manufacture)
  • Halogens and halides (inorganic) (manufacture)
  • Hydrochloric acid (manufacture)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (manufacture)
  • Hydrosulphite (manufacture)
  • Inorganic acid (manufacture)
  • Inorganic bases (manufacture)
  • Inorganic chemical (manufacture)
  • Inorganic compounds (manufacture)
  • Iodine and iodides (manufacture)
  • Iron pyrites roasting (manufacture)
  • Lyes (manufacture)
  • Oxygen compounds of non metals (excluding carbon dioxide) (manufacture)
  • Peroxides (inorganic) (manufacture)
  • Pesticide inorganic chemicals (excluding formulated preparations) (manufacture)
  • Phosphorous compounds (excluding phosphatic fertiliser) (manufacture)
  • Piezo-electric quartz (manufacture)
  • Plutonium processing (manufacture)
  • Potassium compounds (manufacture)
  • Radioactive compounds production (manufacture)
  • Radioactive isotopes (other than of uranium, thorium or plutonium) (manufacture)
  • Radioactive isotopes of uranium, thorium and plutonium (manufacture)
  • Sodium and sodium compounds (manufacture)
  • Spent nuclear fuel re-processing (manufacture)
  • Sulphur (manufacture)
  • Sulphuric acid (manufacture)
  • Synthetic or reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones (unworked) (manufacture)
  • Uranium (enriched) (manufacture)
  • White lead (not in paste form) (manufacture)

SIC 20130

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